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How the cleanroom works?

The rooms are completely autonomous; everything was arranged in order to avoid “cross contamination” between one environment and another, including aisles and changing rooms, which have been conceived in order to guarantee controlled access, with different levels of authorization to move from an area to another, as well as expedients to avoid mistakes; in fact operators must undertake a special training before entering the cleanrooms, and they are also compelled to follow specific protocols.

As a further security guarantee, each environment features constant air recirculation and it is also equipped with pre-filters and HEPA H14 filters suitable to hold particles of very reduced diameter. The cleanrooms are designed to guarantee 20 cycles of total air recycle per hour. Moreover, it is possible to change parameters such as temperature and humidity, which are essential during product tests, for each room individually.

For example, the percentage of air humidity can be adjusted in a range from 20% up to 65%. This has considerably influenced the environment design; for instance, metal laminates suitable to resist to thermal stress were chosen to build the wall partitions. Finally, each room is equipped with computer workstations, wash stations and weight control systems, in order to guarantee autonomy and tool sets for each working environment.

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