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Modular Engineering, Skids and Package Units Perspectives for the Plant Construction Kit: Modular Engineering between Skids and Package Units

Author / Editor: Dominik Stephan* / Dominik Stephan

Skids, package units and flexible modules: The trends and facts in modular plant engineering – Flexible like a construction kit and powerful like a made-to-measure system: Modularisation has the potential to herald in a new era of plant construction. However, on the way there, there are not only technical hurdles to overcome — definitions are also being fought over. An status-report between PED, process skids and MTP.

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The production plant of the future should be streamlined and flexible. Always ready to adapt to ever more specialized products and shorter development and product lives. Thus, conventional concepts are reaching their limits. The industry therefore places great hopes in the modular system and plug-and-produce plant concepts. Shortened engineering, rapid market introduction and unmatched flexibility should make the modularization system engineering all-rounder.

One of the first pilot projects, the F3 Factory concept, illustrates the potential of the idea: this radical approach to chemical production in the container aims to accelerate process development and implementation through the use of plug-and-produce devices, thereby reducing investment costs ( Capex) and operating expenses (Opex). Test series from polymer production to fine chemicals and surfactants to pharmaceuticals showed that it is possible to retrofit the system within about an hour.