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Partnerships are gaining importance: How Emerson wants to score with more advice

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The insights gained by Emerson thanks to collaboration with customers will be used to concentrate the development of the range of products and services on those segments that can influence business results. Five new easy-to-use Plantweb Insight apps, which can be used on normal PC’s, tablets or smartphones to issue warning signals serving to increase cost-effective reliability, safety and production, will be added to the existing app portfolio for condensate separators, pumps and pressure equipment. The Heat Exchanger App is included. It gives an overview of heat exchange status and a diagnosis of all instruments in the network. Based on an algorithm, it issues service instructions identifying the problem on which repair measures should be concentrated, provides detailed information about the problem, and thus leads to an efficient solution which makes it unnecessary to shut down equipment and thus prevents delays.


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On the other hand, the Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger App recognises unusual situations with air-cooled heat exchangers from the ventilator’s vibrations, insufficient cooling, faulty gills or dirt. With this app, the user immediately sees the status of the plant and receives warnings and instructions on how to resolve the issue, it is said. The Pressure Relief Device App, too, identifies faults with over-pressure protectors, such as flutter conditions and leaks, and notifies staff of solutions to be applied. As a means of support for compliance with official regulations, it also records all cases of pressure loss and monitors the impact of production and emissions on targets and regulations.

The Network Management App manages up to 100 wireless gateways in a straightforward application that quickly identifies network status and unusual situations, notes network issues with regard to reliability, bottlenecks, network overcapacity etc., and then guides the user in solving the problem.

Last but not least, the Corrosion App gives an overview of the condition of pipes and identifies safety and reliability issues before they lead to a shut down. The app monitors the speed of corrosion, suggests preventive trends to counteract problems, and provides instructions on solving problems.

Guidance System Bridges the Gap Between IT and OT

But that’s not all, with the update of its Delta V guidance system to version 14, Emerson offers several improvements at the same time to reduce the costs and complexity of big projects and boost productivity during operations by means of better access to production and plant data, improved application and better safety.

With the Delta V Electronic Marshalling with ‘charms‘ on the processing of big projects, the ‘Charm‘ E/A block brings this technology, which Emerson claims has been applied over one million times at over 1,100 sites in just five years, closer into the field. Thus, small housings with up to twelve units can be fitted closer to the field appliances.