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Partnerships are gaining importance: How Emerson wants to score with more advice

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This is grist to the mill of Emerson Automation Solutions boss Mike Train, who hails the increase in productivity over the past 30 years made possible by automation. “Automation over the past 30 years has brought us enormous progress in the production sector, including higher operating efficiency”, says Train.


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However, the advantages have eased off. Branch leaders are under pressure to take the next step toward trailblazing performance made possible by a digital qualification of manpower. Market research among top enterprises has resulted in a list of the following competences that are vital for implementing digital transformation:

  • Automated Work Processes
    This means abolishing repetitive tasks and rationalising standard duties so that employees can concentrate on emergencies and other matters that require human intervention.
  • Support for Decision-Making
    An application of analysis data and embedded professional competence to gain valuable insights reduces complexity and allows better and faster decision-making.
  • Expansion of Employee Skills
    Employees must be able to acquire know-how and experience faster and more efficiently so that they can reach decisions together and at a higher level.
  • Mobility
    Creating secure access to information and professional competence when required, regardless of location, thus allowing joint work processes.
  • Change Management
    Strategies, processes, tools and professional competence which, in the right combination, can simplify and accelerate operating best practices, must be merged.

So that users can enjoy the benefits of IIoT developments, Emerson has announced that it will expand its Plantweb digital eco-system to in clue a large variety of new digital technologies and services. Starting immediately, the company also wants to offer support to operators and end users in founding, setting up and implementing IIoT/Industry-4.0 techniques and thus contribute to the envisaged success of the digital change. This makes it clear that Emerson is also embarking on consultation services for customers, a trend which other automation companies have realised and wish to implement. Apart from the operational certainty consulting mentioned earlier, the new services include connected services, software as a service, workforce skills development and foundational solutions.