Hungary: Hygienic Products MOL Produces 50,000 Liters of Sanitiser Daily to Fight Covid-19

Editor: Ahlam Rais

MOL has converted one of its production units into a sanitiser production plant in Hungary. The plant is operating around the clock and the company has already shipped the first volumes to hospitals, waste management companies, public utilities, etc.

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MOL Group has also started to produce sanitisers in Slovakia and Croatia.
MOL Group has also started to produce sanitisers in Slovakia and Croatia.
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Budapest/Hungary – MOL has started production of hand and surface sanitisers to offer protection against coronavirus. Both products have been in short supply in Hungary. Lubricants producer and MOL Group member MOL Lub has shifted production of a windshield washer production line at its Almásfüzitő plant in only one week. The unit is operating 24/7, in three shifts, producing a daily volume of around 50,000 liters – allowing the company to contribute to the global fight against Covid-19.

The formulas for the two new products have been created on the basis of WHO recommendations, and have been tested and approved by the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition in record time in light of the Covid-19 situation. The ethanol for producing the hand sanitiser has been sourced from Hungary. These new hygienic products are thus being sourced from, and manufactured by, Hungarian firms.

MOL Lub has already shipped the first manufactured volumes to state institutions playing a key role in the fight against coronavirus (e.g., hospitals, waste management companies, public utilities) as directed by the Operative Group set up by the Hungarian Government. Production and shipping will be continuous. The company is also using these new products to protect its own colleagues working at its refineries, plants and service stations against coronavirus so that an adequate number of its staff will always be available to ensure the security of energy supply in Hungary. The firm is also working to make these products available at its retail outlets to all Hungarians to help ease current shortages.

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MOL Hygi is available in 2-liter recyclable plastic bottles for the time being but will also come in smaller sizes as of next month.

MOL Group has also started to produce sanitisers in Slovakia and Croatia. Ina, the Croatian member of the Group, will be producing 50,000 liters of sanitisers for now. In Slovakia, production of the sanitiser was launched at Vurup, also a member of MOL Group.

“Sanitisers, which are one of the key tools of protection against coronavirus, are in short supply all over the world. In light of the worsening pandemic situation we have, in coordination with the Hungarian Government, have decided to put a production line at one of our plants in the service of offering protection against the virus.

Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary solutions. We have made the switch at the plant, obtained the necessary approvals and optimised production processes in only two weeks, a record time. We truly hope that the hand sanitiser manufactured at the Almásfüzitő plant will be a meaningful contribution to the fight against the virus.

I would like to thank my colleagues at MOL Lub for their exceptional efforts. This is another example of the dedication of MOL colleagues to the security and energy supply of Hungary. As long as the company operates, Hungary also operates. We have a responsibility to ensure the continuity of energy production, refining, shipping and trading at all costs – even in the most difficult of times and often by making sacrifices. But these sacrifices will always be made by the firm,” said Chairman-CEO Zsolt Hernádi.

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