Italy: Capsule Filling Machine MG2 Offers Remote ‘Fat’ to Pharma Firm Dr. Gustav Klein amidst Covid-19

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Despite the challenges of physical distance due to Covid-19, it took just three days to test the MG Compact capsule filler for phytopharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. This was made possible by MG2’s remote Factory Acceptance Test (Fat) which also offered real time availability of batch reports.

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With a maximum speed of 48,000 capsules per hour, the MG Compact capsule filler is equipped with two dosing units and two capsule transport size parts.
With a maximum speed of 48,000 capsules per hour, the MG Compact capsule filler is equipped with two dosing units and two capsule transport size parts.
(Source: MG2)

Italy – One of MG2’s first goals consists in reaching out to the customer by providing the best technical solutions. This goal has become even more strategic during the present worldwide spring 2020 crisis, which severely limited the movement of both people and goods. MG2 has successfully overcome this difficulty thanks to remote working technical solutions, chosen among the most consolidated office automation tools. With this technology, MG2 has successfully carried out its first remote testing.

This is the case of the Factory Acceptance Test (Fat) run with its customer Dr. Gustav Klein & Co., a company of the Alpen Pharma Group, that is specialised in the production and distribution of herbal medicinal and homeopathic products based on traditional knowledge with the benefit of state-of-the-art technologies and equipment. Exporting to over 20 countries worldwide, the company works closely with national and international pharmaceutical companies as a valuable contract manufacturer. Dr. Gustav Klein offers the best solutions thanks to its partnership with leading market suppliers of technical equipment that share their values of sustainability, trust and tradition such as MG2.

The machine at the centre of the remote ‘Fat’ was a MG Compact capsule filler, with a maximum speed of 48,000 capsules per hour, equipped with two dosing units for powders and pellets with relevant dosing size parts, two capsule transport size parts and a statistical weight control system model SWC. This MG2 technology will allow to fill capsules with phytopharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. Dr. Gustav Klein bought the capsule filler despite the Covid-19 crisis. That is why a remote procedure had to be defined to both run the ‘Fat’ and carry out product validation.

"In this first remote ‘Fat’ we used two video cameras," says Eng. Fabrizio Buffoni, MG2 Area Manager, "one fixed and one on the operator. Wearable technology allows MG2 to show all the components purchased by the customer. The live procedure totally corresponds to the Factory Acceptance protocol that we usually apply. It allows, in fact, to verify that the compliance with the order is correct and that the machine also operates correctly.

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In this specific case, the customer asked to weight some of his capsules once a production batch was finished. The capsules were then collected in three stages during one hour of production: at the beginning, at the end and in the middle of the batch production, they have been weighed one by one, subsequently emptied and weighed again. The goal", continues Eng. Buffoni, "was to give the customer an evidence that the capsules had been filled as expected by him."

The remote procedure, which covers all the steps necessary for the correct execution of a ‘Fat’, involves sharing all the documents of both validation and order confirmation, strictly following what is displayed by the two cameras. The batch reports processed by the machine were made available to the customer in real time, thus overcoming the objective limits related to the physical distance. The test recording, lasting 3 working days of 8 hours each, is another tool that let the customer objectively evaluate the test.

"A key element of the ‘Fat’ is the objective evaluation of the correct capsule filling" continues Eng. Buffoni, “an aspect which, in the case of the customer Dr. Gustav Klein, was highlighted by two specific tests: the SWC weight control system, which tests a capsule every 20 seconds and it was part of the supply, and a further statistics check requested by the customer. Specifically, we manually weighed the capsules on a scale in front of the camera, thus ensuring maximum reliability and objectivity of the filling process ".

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