Switzerland: 219 Million Dollar Investment Lonza to Build New Small Molecule Manufacturing Complex in Visp

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Lonza has plans to invest 219 million dollars to construct a new manufacturing complex in Visp, Switzerland. The 2,000 sq m project will comprise a customer dedicated manufacturing line for antibody-drug conjugate payload molecules and will also prove useful for accommodating future small molecule expansions.

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Upon completion, the manufacturing complex will employ approximately 200 people.
Upon completion, the manufacturing complex will employ approximately 200 people.
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Basel/Switzerland – Lonza has announced the construction of a new small molecule manufacturing complex at its Visp (CH) site in Switzerland. The new manufacturing complex will occupy an overall footprint of approximately 2,000 sq m with six levels of manufacturing space. The complex will offer several opportunities for future expansions supporting the small molecules technologies offering, which include drug substance, particle engineering technologies such as spray drying dispersion, and drug product.

This construction project is supported by a capital contribution and a tailored long-term collaboration with a major biopharmaceutical partner to ensure continuity of supply and flexibility, supporting future demand for their product. The first buildout represents a dedicated manufacturing line for antibody-drug conjugate payload molecules, which is expected to start its first operations in Q3 2023. Upon completion, the manufacturing complex will employ approximately 200 people.

Maurits Janssen, Strategic Business Development Small Molecules, Lonza: “Supply is critical for our global partner in the oncology field. With this investment, we are enabling the treatment of many cancer patients. Oncology continues to be the leading indication in biopharma and a key driver for highly potent ingredients such as antibody-drug conjugates. In addition, small molecule oncology therapies require specific technologies. These challenges were specifically taken into account when designing this manufacturing complex.”

Gordon Bates, President and Head of Small Molecules, Lonza: “This collaboration is a great example of how we are supporting our customers with flexible business models. Our customers developing highly potent and increasingly complex medicines trust us to handle these toxic substances throughout their clinical and commercial lifecycle. The investment to realize this new manufacturing complex for small molecules creates a substantial footprint for accelerating future growth capacity across the range of our small molecule service offering.”

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