Finland: Water Treatment Kemira Operon, Aquazone, and Suomen Ekolannoite Form Operon Group

Editor: MA Alexander Stark

Kemira is selling the entire share capital of Operon, a company providing water treatment plant operation services, to form a newly established company called Operon Group. In connection with this transaction, Operon Group will also acquire Aquazone and Suomen Ekolannoite, which will be merged into a new company.

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Kemira Operon, Aquazone, and Suomen Ekolannoite merge to form Operon Group
Kemira Operon, Aquazone, and Suomen Ekolannoite merge to form Operon Group
(Source: Kemira)

Helsinki/Finland — The newly formed Operon Group will started operations on August 9, 2019. Initially, the company will employ approximately 35 people. The company’s revenue will be some $ 11 million. Pikespo Invest is the lead investor of the new company, and Kemira will own 10 % of it. The acquisition is a part of Kemira’s strategy of focusing on its key businesses, and it will have no significant impact on the company’s financial result. The parties have agreed that no other financial data will be released.

The group will provide operation and maintenance services for communities and industry. The service offering includes sludge treatment services, recycling services, as well as design and implementation of water treatment plant technology and processes.

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