Russia: Ammonia Technology KBR to Revamp Ammonia Plant in Russia

Editor: Alexander Stark

KBR has been awarded a contract by Dorogobuzh JSC to provide licensing and basic engineering design (LBED) to revamp an ammonia plant — originally built by KBR — located in the Dorogobuzh, Smolensk region of Russia.

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The Russian ammonia plant was originally built by KBR. (sample image)
The Russian ammonia plant was originally built by KBR. (sample image)
(Source: KBR)

Houston/USA — Under the agreement the company will supply its proprietary ammonia technology to increase plant capacity to 2,100 mtpd with improved efficiency.

The engineering services provider will utilize its revamp technology Kres (KBR Reforming Exchanger System) in conjunction with the True Cold Wall Add-on Converter to achieve low project cost revamping to enable Dorogobuzh to produce low cost ammonia to meet increasing captive demand.

"The application of Kres in conjunction with KBR's reliable add-on ammonia converter provides low cost revamping to Dorogobuzh and numerous similar plants in the region," said John Derbyshire, President of KBR Technology & Consulting.

"We are pleased to contribute KBR's innovative technology solution for natural gas monetization in Russia," Derbyshire continued. "KBR is a leader in helping clients debottleneck their ammonia plants and achieve greater production capacities, process efficiencies and reliability."

Revenue associated with this project is undisclosed and was booked into backlog of unfilled orders for KBR's Technology & Consulting Business Segment in the second quarter of 2017.

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