Japan: Hydrogen Processing Japanese Companies Launch Hydrogen Supply Chain Demonstration Project

Editor: Alexander Stark

Chiyoda, Mitsubishi, Mitsui and Nippon Yusen announced the creation of the world’s first global hydrogen supply chain demonstration project in Japan.

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Kawasaki Dehydrogenation Plant
Kawasaki Dehydrogenation Plant
(Source: Chiyoda Corporation)

Tokyo/Japan — The project named “Technology Development Project to establish Hydrogen Society/Technology Development for the Utilization of Large Scale Hydrogen Energy”, is funded by the National Research and Development Agency, the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (Nedo), and is intended to demonstrate “The Hydrogen Supply Chain utilizing the Organic Chemical Hydride Method”.

The hydrogen project involves the construction of a Global Hydrogen Supply Chain Demonstration Plant comprising a hydrogenation plant in Negara Brunei Darussalam and a dehydrogenation plant in Kawasaki’s coastal region of Japan using Chiyoda’s Spera Hydrogen Technology.


The hydrogen for the project will be procured in Brunei and transported by ship to Kawasaki, Japan in liquid form at ambient temperature and pressure. The gas will be produced by steam reforming from the processed gas derived from the natural gas liquefaction plant. Then the hydrogen gas will be extracted from the liquid in Kawasaki and supplied to consumers.

According to Chiyoda, 210 tons (max) of Hydrogen will be supplied in 2020, equivalent to filling 40,000 Fuel Cell Vehicles.

Construction begins in August 2017 and will be completed in December 2019.

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