Process Sensors Hamilton goes Bluetooth 4.0

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

Hamilton Bonaduz offers an entirely new generation of monitoring measurement and management with the new Arc Bluetooth package.

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With the Arc Bluetooth package Hamilton created a monitoring and management solution fitted to the company’s intelligent sensor concepts.
With the Arc Bluetooth package Hamilton created a monitoring and management solution fitted to the company’s intelligent sensor concepts.
(Picture: Hamilton)

The package includes i.a. the Arc View Mobile, a tablet solution which is based on the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active. It is already pre-configured and provided with the new ArcAir Advanced app. The offer also includes a sensor adapter. The Arc Wi 1 G Adapter BT provides a wireless communication via Bluetooth 4.0 between the Arc sensors and mobile devices, as well as a 1:1 compatibility with the existing installations, depending on the field of application.

The analogue and digital signals are transmitted at the same time. However, the Arc Wi 2G Adapter BT allows not only a wireless communication, but also simplifies the analogue interface with the process control system by using two robust 4-20 mA signals. This enhancement of the signal quality is also achieved by a supplementary galvanic isolator. Both adapters generate color indicators. In this way, the user has the benefit to read the current sensor status on the sensor itself as well as on the mobile device.

The Arc Wi 1G/2G adapter BT’s color indicators are divided in four distinct stages. The color indicates whether a communication, an alarm or an error was detected. The ArcAir app can be found on Google Playstore and in the App Store and enables a wireless communication with up to 30 Hamilton Arc sensors at the same time. Only a mobile device based on Android or iOS is required to view processes on the different Arc sensors with the ArcAir app. An additional Arc View Handheld is not needed, reducing costs as a consequence whilst increasing the functionality significantly with the means of the new app.

The app is available in a Lite, Basic and Advanced version: the Lite version offers an on-line sensor monitoring and a visualization of the sensor status and diagnostics data. The Basic version provides in addition sensor calibration and configuration. The Advanced version is so far only available for Android devices and offers on top of both Lite and Basic applications, a GMP Reporting.

The validation software of the GMP Compliance package was redesigned again in the course of the Arc Bluetooth package’s development. It enables for users of the ArcAir Advanced app, automatic sensor documentation for smartphones and tablets. The Arc USB power cable from the house of Hamilton completes the package by providing power supply via USB port for Arc sensors and digital communication to the PC software. In this way, monitoring, configuration and calibration as well as firmware updates are a simple task.

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