China: Polypropylene Grace Licenses PP Technology to Chinese Petrochemical Firm

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Sinochem Hongrun has licensed W. R. Grace & Co’s Unipol PP process technology along with the Unipol Unippac process control software for its facility in Shandong, China. The new plant will include a reactor line capable of producing 450 KTA of polypropylene.

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The Unipol PP facility, located in Qingzhou, Weifang, Shandong, China will start up in 2022.
The Unipol PP facility, located in Qingzhou, Weifang, Shandong, China will start up in 2022.
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Columbia/USA – W. R. Grace & Co. has licensed its Unipol PP Process Technology and its Unipol Unippac Process Control Software to Sinochem Hongrun Petrochemical Chemical Co. (Sinochem Hongrun). An all gas-phase technology based on a fluidized bed reactor system, the Unipol PP process is designed to have fewer moving parts and less equipment than any competing technology. The simple, reliable design of the Unipol PP process and related product technology, coupled with SHAC catalyst systems and the new Consista catalyst systems, offers another significant economic benefit – the ability to operate the plant above nameplate capacity. Also, the Unipol PP process includes the following operations: Purification, reaction, purging, vent recovery, additive addition and pelleting.

The Unipol PP facility, located in Qingzhou, Weifang, Shandong, China will start up in 2022 and will include one reactor line with the capability to produce 450 KTA of polypropylene.

The award increases the total amount of licensed volume for Unipol PP technology worldwide to more than 27 million tons per annum.

“Our team at Grace is excited to embark on this project with Sinochem Hongrun and welcome them to the Unipol PP Family. We are committed to their success through the services and solutions that we offer for the lifetime of the plant,” Laura Schwinn, President of Grace’s Specialty Catalysts business said.

Schwinn added, “Sinochem Hongrun’s decision to purchase our Unipol Unippac Process Control software allows them to optimize their plant operations and extract performance improvements on an ongoing basis, providing them with competitive advantages in cost, quality, and product differentiation. This, coupled with our process and product improvements program and the vast experience of our global technical services team, will ensure that Sinochem Hongrun meets their goal of producing a wide variety of resins for the Chinese market.”

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