Truck Loading & Palletising From the Packing Machine straight to the Truck Bed

Editor: Marcel Dröttboom

In emerging countries transshipment of bagged goods is increasing and labour costs are climbing. Therefore, companies in these countries are looking for solutions to increase their handling capacity and reduces the number of workers. For truck loading, for example, systems are available that load bagged materials like cement directly from the packing machine onto the truck bed. The bags are palletised automatically in stacked rows or patterns.

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Fig. 1: The bags are automatically loaded and palletised – even when no pallets are available.
Fig. 1: The bags are automatically loaded and palletised – even when no pallets are available.
(Picture: Beumer Group)

Ona of such systems is the Beumer autopac, which simultaneously loads and palletises bagged goods, such as cement or other material – without needing pallets. Therefore, it is suitable for use in countries were no pallets are available, or where their use is uncommon. In rows or stacking patterns with a pre-selected number of layers, the Beumer autopac works quickly and effectively. Depending on the performance class, the system stacks between 2400 and 3000 pieces of 50 kilogram bags per hour. The loading height, including the height of the truck bed, can be up to 3.5 meters (for a platform height of 5 meters). The user has flexibility in forming the layers, dependent on the bag dimensions and the proper width-to-height ratio. The system can be used adaptively to handle bags of various materials.

Gentle and efficient Handling

The user can move the autopac to its starting position from the control desk. Then, the user defines the number of rows or layers and enters the number of bags to be loaded. The loading process then happens automatically. For each layer, the control program recalculates the height setting. This eliminates readjustments. The machine can load bags in double patterns of five or ten bags. In order to attain the highest possible degree of stability for the whole load on the truck, and in order to optimally utilize the truck bed, two mirror-inverted layers are always palletised next to one another. The bags are flattened by the loading process using two stacked belt conveyors, which releases the air from the bags. After being positioned, the bags are also pressed by the loading head, which makes the stack more compact and more stable. The bag feeding lines can be adjusted to the installation conditions. Corresponding technical solutions are available for variable conveying lines. The bags are handled gently. Unlike on the systems from other suppliers, where bags are suctioned and lifted, the bags are not deformed by the Beumer autopac. This is primarily advantageous when loading woven fabric bags, because it prevents the bags from breaking and stops material from being suctioned up into the vacuum filter. An electronic counting device ensures that the truck is not loaded too lightly or too heavily.

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