Truck Loading & Palletising

From the Packing Machine straight to the Truck Bed

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“In contrast with loading and palletising systems from other manufacturers,” Beumer says, “the autopac is equipped exclusively with electrical drive units in its standard design. This drive concept means significantly less maintenance costs for the user.” On the vacuum drive units and hydraulic drive units from other manufacturers, leaks that pollute the load and the system are inevitable. Additionally, the energy-intensive vacuum pumps and hydraulic drive units require additional cooling units, a fact that is clearly reflected in the purchase and operating costs, as well as in energy consumption.

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With the energy-efficient electrical drive units, the Beumer autopac provides high levels of availability and economical operation. The 3000 model uses just 0.15 kilowatts per hour at full capacity. The drive units and machine parts are clearly arranged and easily accessible. Due to its simple design, the Beumer autopac is service-friendly and dependable. The robust construction of the system can withstand exposure to extreme environmental conditions and has proven itself a hundred times over. With a track width of 5.5 meters between the loading lines, the system is also extremely space-efficient.

For an ambitious Growth Strategy

The Dangote Group, headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, has been operating 15 Beumer autopac systems in its factories since 2004; an additional 81 machines are either being assembled, have been delivered, or are on order. Africa is an emerging continent where the demand for cement is steadily increasing due to rapid population growth. The cement company has an ambitious growth strategy. In order to compete with global leaders in cement manufacturing and be duly prepared for an upcoming construction boom, Dangote is striving for a high degree of automation with the solutions from Beumer. Dangote maintains a fleet of more than 5,000 trucks, some of which have very high rooflines with wind deflectors. Therefore, the inner clearance height near the autopac is 4.8 meters. Due to the tall ceiling height, the experts at BEUMER had to modify the systems. For example, they extended the lowerable conveyor. More powerful, frequency-controlled drive units are used. Also, the performance of the Beumer autopac will be enhanced to load and/or stack the required quantities of cement bags. n