Multi-Input Output Easy Connection Now in Any Hazardous Area

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Field Connex Multi-Input Output (MIO) now connects four different signal types to any control system via digital communications. This compact product offers intrinsic safety and sets an example for simple configuration, installation, and handling.

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The Field Connex multi-input output offers intrinsically safe inputs and outputs for discrete signals in process automation.
The Field Connex multi-input output offers intrinsically safe inputs and outputs for discrete signals in process automation.
(Source: Pepperl+Fuchs)

Pepperl+Fuchs in Mannheim works continuously to provide perfect infrastructure systems for installations in process automation with digital communications – components that help to simplify handling and provide better safety. The Field Connex multi-input/output (MIO) represents another significant milestone in this mission. According to the company, this compact fieldbus product is the only one to offer intrinsically safe inputs and outputs for discrete signals in Zone 0 and Division 1, and with four different functions. With its rugged design, MIO comes with certification for installation in Zone 1 and Division 2. This enables high flexibility in plant design.

The MIO can be set up to monitor and control four different types of discrete signals via digital communications, via Foundation Fieldbus H1 and Profibus PA protocols. The MIO can

• Monitor status of up to 12 Namur sensors.

• Control up to four valves, including position feedback and automatic partial stroke test.

• Connect signals from vibration limit switches.

• Collects signals from pulse and frequency signals.

This latest function enables users to monitor and detect standstill of motors, where it is critical to the process or safety.

Valve monitoring has always been a mainstay for the multi-input output with integrated breakaway and runtime monitoring. The MIO sends an alarm signal instantly when the set limit value is exceeded, indicating a need for attention.

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In addition, partial stroke tests maintain valves that are rarely actuated. These features enable targeted and predictive maintenance for extended maintenance intervals and the highest level of efficiency and safety, adds the firm. Alerts enable teams to intervene before plant operations are in jeopardy thus providing the tools to eradicate unplanned downtime and thus enable the highest profitability of process plants.

Product teams took great care to ensure interchangeability of the MIO with existing Field Connex products, such as Field Connex valve couplers and binary inputs. At the request of the control system, the MIO will identify itself as the replaced product. The exchange can take place during operations without modifying the control system or programmable logic controller. The improved cable entry and generous terminal space ensure simple connection.

All inputs and outputs are intrinsically safe. Instrument profiles enable simple and very convenient handling. One is able to set input and output channels collectively or individually. Installation in the immediate vicinity of the sensor enables efficient plant design and low wiring effort. Plant managers enjoy affordable system upgrades leaving the installed base of sensors and actuators with respective wiring in place, mentions the company.

The Field Connex multi-input/output is available in aluminum, glass fiber reinforced polyester, and stainless steel enclosure variants or for installation on DIN mounting rails. Engineering teams in the company’s solution engineering centers around the world can deliver ready-to-go enclosures with all products wired, tested, and certified, concludes the firm.

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