Dehydrogenation Unit Dow's PDH Unit Completes Performance Test

Editor: M.A. Manja Wühr

Dow wants to benefit from the cheap US shale gas and has put a new propane dehydrogenation unit (PDH) into operation in December 2015. Now the facility completed the performance test.

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Dow PDH Unit at the Oyster Creek site in Freeport/Texas
Dow PDH Unit at the Oyster Creek site in Freeport/Texas
(Picture: Dow)

Midland/USA – Dow's new world-scale propane dehydrogenation unit (PDH), located at its Oyster Creek site in Freeport, Texas, successfully completed the performance test, certifying that the unit is operating at full capacity, and is meeting the Honeywell UOP Oleflex performance guarantee. The new 750 KTA facility began commercial operations in December 2015 and completed the performance test in less than two months.

Thanks to this project, Dow is able connect its US operations with cost-advantaged feedstocks from increasing supplies of US shale gas. “Dow’s world-scale PDH unit has reached full rates and passed acceptance testing in record time,” said Jim Fitterling, Dow’s president and chief operating officer. “The unit enables the replacement of purchased propylene with cost-advantaged production that will ultimately enable growth in attractive markets across North and South America. The timing of Dow’s strategic growth investments on the U.S. Gulf Coast has afforded us first-mover advantage.”

Dow also continues to make significant progress on its world-scale ethylene unit, supporting infrastructure and the derivative investments aligned to the Company's Performance Plastics franchise, located at Dow sites across the U.S. Gulf Coast. The completion of the Performance Plastics derivative investments will be synchronized with the new ethylene unit.

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