Vinyl Acetate Ethylene Emulsions Celanese to Construct VAE Emulsions Unit in Singapore

Editor: M.A. Manja Wühr

The specialty materials company Celanese sees the growing demand for low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints in Southeast Asia and will meet this with a new vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE) emulsions production unit.

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Jurong Island — an integrated complex housing many energy and chemical companies
Jurong Island — an integrated complex housing many energy and chemical companies
(Picture: Singapore Economic Development Board)

Dallas/USA, Singapore – Celanese has begun construction of a VAE emulsions production unit at the company’s acetyls facility on Jurong Island, Singapore. The unit is expected to begin production by mid-2016.


This Singapore unit will be the third VAE investment by Celanese in Asia. Celanese currently operates two VAE emulsions units in Nanjing, China. The first began production at the company’s Nanjing integrated chemical complex in 2007, and the second began production at the same complex in 2011. The Singapore plant will support the Southeast Asia region including India, Australia and New Zealand.

Taking Advantage of Existing Infrastructure

“Building a new VAE emulsions unit within the Jurong Island facility allows us to take advantage of existing infrastructure and ensure geographic coverage,” said Mark Murray, vice president and general manager of the Celanese emulsion polymers business. “With a VAE plant in Singapore, we will broaden our network to better serve customers throughout the Asia-Pacific region, primarily in the higher-end applications of architectural coatings, building and construction, carpets, and paper industries.”

Celanese created Eco VAE emulsions for use in low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints. These emulsions address formulation and regulatory concerns as well as offer distinct competitive marketing advantages especially among environmentally-conscious consumers. These emulsions can be formulated into low-odor and low-to-near-zero VOC interior coatings.