USA: Debottlenecking of Production Lines Celanese Starts Expansion Project of Polyoxymethylene Production

Editor: Alexander Stark

Speciality materials company Celanese announced it is in the initial stages of a capital efficient debottlenecking project of its polyoxymethylene (POM) production lines to support the continued growth in its engineered materials business.

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Celanese's polyoxymethylene (POM) manufacturing plant in Frankfurt
Celanese's polyoxymethylene (POM) manufacturing plant in Frankfurt
(Source: Businesswire)

Dallas/USA — This additional production of POM will allow the company to continue to grow its market position according to the needs of the industry, the company said. The debottlenecking of the POM polymer production lines would support a growing customer base and respond to the increasing complexity in high-performance polymers. Scott Sutton, Celanese Chief Operating Officer, added that the growing demand for speciality materials and the increasing sophistication in functionalized polymers demanded that the company is partnering with their customers to deliver innovative solutions.

Phase I of the debottlenecking project is expected to be completed in 2020, and Phase II of the project will be completed shortly thereafter.

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