Tablet Pressing Italian Style Can this Tablet Press Set New Standards for Pharma Production?

Editor: Anke Geipel-Kern

A new range of tablet presses from Ima Active sets new standards in terms of productivity and ease of use — The new Prexima series of tablet presses is engineered to combine high performance with Italian style. The company has presented the new series during its “Open House” in their home base Bologna.

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Launched in October 2015, the new Prexima series of tablet presses from Ima Active is engineered to combine high performance with Italian style. Features include Ima’s award-winning new Xima human-machine interface (HMI), isolation of the processing area, a quick-change turret, optimized lubrication, and low noise.

There are currently three models in the series. The Prexima 80 (20,400–96,900 tablets/hour) targets small batch production and R&D. The Prexima 300 is a single-sided machine for medium production volumes (194,400–316,800 tablets/hour). The largest version, the Prexima 800, is double-sided for outputs in the range 572,400–1,044,000 tablets/hour.

Prexima tablet presses build on Ima’s successful Comprima series in ensuring complete separation between the processing area and the mechanical section, thanks to a combination of seals and rigid panels. The result is no risk of cross-contamination, and reduced cleaning times. Separation also helps to extend machine life: the cams, tooling and compression rollers last longer because they are protected from contact with powder. Both the processing area as well as the mechanical area are easily accessible by removing the covers.

Easy to Handle, Safe to Operate

The protective panels for the mechanical area are made from ABS polymer. Ima Active chose this material because it is strong, lightweight, shatterproof, and Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) under FDA rules. Testing in conjunction with laboratories Bohrer and Ecolab showed good resistance to repeated cleaning cycles with recommended detergents over a wide range of pH values.

The automatic lubrication system is positioned in the base of the machine. The same lubricant is used for all machine parts: the compression rollers, punches, and cams. Excess lubricant is recirculated, so there is no need for the operator to adjust the settings. This system also eliminates any risk of oil dripping from the upper punches, so the machine stays cleaner and black spots on tablets are avoided.

Tablet Press Prevents Contamination

Also housed in the base are the main motor, the servo motors, and the cooling system. To prevent contamination, this area is protected by sealed panels without ventilation holes. Access is required only for maintenance, and not for general operation or set-up.