Actuators Auma ACE Scheme Drives up the Standard of Actuator Installation

Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

Auma UK is introducing the ACE (Auma Certified Engineering) Technician Certification Scheme to drive up the standards of actuator installation and maintenance within the controls industry. Split into three levels, the training and accreditation programme is targeted at actuator technicians working for both customers and independent controls contractors.

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The Auma ACE Certified Technician logo
The Auma ACE Certified Technician logo
(Picture: Auma)

The scheme, spearheaded by the specialists in modular electric actuation, addresses the fact that there are no formal standards for SQEP (Suitably Qualified and Experienced Persons) working on-site with actuators and valve control systems.


Commenting on the need for enhanced training, and the current state of the UK valve controls market, Paul Hopkins, Auma UK’s Managing Director said: “Although there are many skilled personnel within the controls industry, from a Health and Safety perspective, there are a significant number who have had insufficient training on specific products to be in a hands-on role addressing actuation issues. We are therefore launching the ACE Technician Certification Scheme to ensure customers can buy and use our products with confidence and without limiting their choice of contractors.”

Hopkins continues: “As systems become ever more complex, we are increasingly getting calls from customers whose actuators have been incorrectly installed or operated. If you buy a ‘top of the range’ car you would expect to have it serviced at a franchised dealer where the technicians have been trained on your particular model: it should be the same for actuators.”

The Auma programme is set at three levels:

  • ACE Technician Level 1 aimed at in-house technicians.
  • ACE Technician Level 2 suitable for on-site installation and service activities.
  • ACE Technician Level 3 which provides the highest level of qualification for those involved in communications protocols and systems integration.

Accreditation cards are provided to each qualifying technician so customers can check that personnel are suitably qualified to work on their sites, be safe in the knowledge that relevant tests have been passed and be assured that 12 month refresher training has been completed.

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