Egypt: Delayed Coking Assiut Oil Refining Company Chooses Bechtel's Thruplus Technology

Editor: Alexander Stark

Bechtel has signed a license agreement with Assiut Oil Refining Company (Asorc), a subsidiary of Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC), for the process design of a delayed coking unit at the Assiut refinery in Egypt.

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Bechtel’s delayed coking technology has been selected for an Egyptian refinery.
Bechtel’s delayed coking technology has been selected for an Egyptian refinery.
(Picture: Bechtel)

Assiut/Egypt – The new delayed coking unit will be part of the US$ 1.5 billion refinery modernization program, using Bechtel's proprietary Thruplus coking technology to upgrade heavy oil into high-value, light hydrocarbon liquids.

"Investment in the Assiut Refinery will increase production of petroleum products to meet Upper Egypt’s growing demands, while maintaining important environmental standards," said Nagi Abd El-Ghaffar Kassab, chairman of Asorc. "The addition of a modern delayed coking unit was determined to be the most economical option to allow the refinery to increase complexity and eliminate heavy fuel oil product."

Bechtel Hydrocarbon Technology Solutions is a Bechtel subsidiary that provides technology licensing and process consulting services to the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry. Bechtel Hydrocarbon Technology Solutions acquired Thruplus technology from Conoco Philips in 2011.

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