Germany: Acquisition Asahi Kasei Finalizes Acquisition of Veloxis Pharmaceuticals

Editor: Alexander Stark

With the acquisition of the US subsidiary of the Danish pharmaceutical group Veloxis Pharmaceuticals, Asahi Kasei has secured a strong business platform in the US pharmaceutical industry.

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Asahi Kasei has successfully completed the acquisition of Veloxis Pharmaceuticals.
Asahi Kasei has successfully completed the acquisition of Veloxis Pharmaceuticals.
(Source: Public Domaini / Pixabay )

Düsseldorf/Germany — The Japanese Asahi Kasei Corporation has completed the acquisition of the US pharmaceutical company Veloxis Pharmaceuticals. Veloxis Pharmaceuticals, headquartered in Denmark, is a specialty pharmaceutical company established in June 2002 and focuses on the development, manufacture and sale of immunosuppressive drugs used during and after organ transplantation. These products include Envarsus XR - an immunosuppressive agent developed to prevent organ rejection in people who have had kidney transplants. The use of a proprietary delivery technology makes this drug particularly distinctive. It is designed to improve oral bioavailability and controlled release of the drug for improved efficacy and reduced side effects.

With this step, the technology group intends to strengthen its licensing activities in order to acquire new pharmaceuticals to drive growth, making optimal use of Asahi Kasei's business platform in Japan and Asia together with Veloxis Pharmaceuticals' business platform in the United States. In addition, the Japanese company aims to create new business opportunities in healthcare and gain access to innovation and clinical practice in the US.

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