Decanters An Eco-Friendly Range of Decanters

| Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

New C-series decanters from Flottweg cut power consumption by 20–30% for throughputs of 20–90 m3/h, thanks to efficient acceleration of the product in the feed zone and optimized discharge.

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Flottweg Dekanter C4E (Picture: Flottweg)
Flottweg Dekanter C4E (Picture: Flottweg)

A redesign of the bowl drive has also increased capacity by 10–20%, allowing greater production from a decanter of given size, or alternatively a smaller machine for the same duty. Also on show is a new three-phase decanter, the Tricanter, for single-step recovery of oil and water from difficult slop oils. A control system compensates for variations in the solids content, while variations in the oil and water content are handled by a adjustable impeller.