UK: Alliance in the Coking Sector Amec Foster Wheeler Incorporates Centre Feed Technology

Editor: Alexander Stark

Amec Foster Wheeler and Delta Valve, a provider of equipment and control systems for the delayed coking segment of the refining industry, have formed a strategic alliance related to Delta Valve’s center feed technology.

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London/UK – The center feed technology will be incorporated into all new Sydec delayed coking units licensed worldwide by Amec Foster Wheeler. The company can also incorporate the center feed technology into delayed coking unit revamps.

Steve Beeston, Amec Foster Wheeler’s Global Technology Business Development Vice President said: "Delta Valve’s innovative center feed device addresses the issues of uneven thermal distribution and severe thermal transients by simply returning feed streams to the center of the coke drum, resulting in more consistent operation and longer coke drum life."

Ruben Lah, President and CEO of Delta Valve, and chief inventor of the center feed device added: "Our innovative equipment, coupled with Amec Foster Wheeler’s breadth and depth of knowledge and experience, provides the platform for refiners to efficiently and effectively manage refinery assets in today’s globally competitive refining market."

Both companies plan to leverage their respective strengths to drive opportunities throughout the industry.

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