Gas Flow Meters Wet Gas Measurement Made Easy

Editor: Dominik Stephan

To simplify the process of choosing the correct gas flow meter for a particular application, Solartron ISA has rebranded its Dualstream family of wet gas flow meters.

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Solartron ISA Dualstream 3 Wet Gas Flow Meter
Solartron ISA Dualstream 3 Wet Gas Flow Meter
(Source: Solartron ISA)

These units are designed for direct installation at a wellhead or flow line, either top side or subsea. Stable and reliable with a typical lifespan greater than 20 years, Dualstream meters are ideal for unmanned platforms and marginal field development as well as for ultra deepwater installation.

Among the Dualstream portfolio are the cost-effective Dualstream Venturi wet gas metering, the Dualstream 1 multiphase measurement solution, the Dualstream 2, a multiphase measurement for wells with high levels of liquids and the Dualstream 3. This latest addition to the Dualstream family utilizes a patented Solartron approach for real-time measurement of phase fractions in wet gas applications.

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