Updating Technology — Key to Success in Filtration Technologies

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Exports – From india to the World

For any Indian business, international orders indicate prosperity. These orders do not only bring monitory profitability but also assure that the quality of the product meets international guidelines/standards. The Sharplex factory is ISO 9001 certified by M/s Lloyd‘s Register. It has also been certified by M/s Lloyd‘s Registers for Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC and is authorized to offer its filters with ‘CE‘ marking.

Now this assures quality of the product, which enables the company to get orders from overseas easily. The company has already established its presence in international markets such as Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Africa’s, etc. “As of today, our company has exported filters and filtration equipment to more than 60 countries across the globe and we are willing to expand our reach further,” mentioned Sandeep Khadke, Director, Sharplex Filters (India) Pvt Ltd.


Water Treatment Solutions: A New Business for Sharplex

The year 2012 wasn’t remarkable for most of the Indian businesses due to the difficult economic situation. However, Sharplex which caters to a diverse set of industries ranging from chemical to F&B, managed to keep its order books filled even in the challenging scenario. With the current turnover of `40 crore, the company expects to take a leap by 10-15 per cent in the next fiscal year, according to the MD. Apart from economic growth, the company also wishes to explore new avenues like the water treatment business.

“We have developed a new filter for river water filtration. Though water treatment is its main application, it can also be used for paints. The equipment is already in the market and we have made sales but we would like to explore this area further,” concluded Satish Khadke.

* The author is an Assistant Editor for Vogel Business Media India