Filtration Updating Technology — Key to Success in Filtration Technologies

Author / Editor: Swati Deshpande / Dominik Stephan

Adopting international guidelines and maintaining product quality, Sharplex Filters (India) produces complex filtration equipment that offers ease in operations. Now the company has set is sights on new business opportunities: New developments and future markets could become the make or break factor for suppiers of filtration technology...

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Sharplex Filters (India)
Sharplex Filters (India)
(Picture: Sharplex Filters (India))

Realizing the importance of Research & Development (R&D) in business, process industry has always attached lot of significance to it. Following the same mantra, Sharplex Filters (India) has engaged in research-based filtration designing for the past 20 years. “Our theme is ‘redefining process filtration.’ We are developing new applications for our filters by continuously conducting industrial trials with pilot model filters,” said Satish Khadke, Managing Director, Sharplex Filters.

Every filter that the company designs is based on extensive research. Sharplex understands the requirements of each customer and develops the equipment accordingly. “Once we design the filter for a particular customer as per his/her needs, we insist on conducting extensive pilot trials either at our facility or at the customer’s plant and analyze the results. We modify the equipment further, if necessary,” explained Khadke.

The company’s modern factory covering an area of 45,000 sq ft enables them to undertake pilot trials for customers. The company also owns another factory of around 36,000 sq ft, which further enables them to better their operations. Both the factories act as a R&D center for Sharplex.

Stressing on R&D

Balancing its R&D centric product designing with providing the technological edge, Sharplex Filters has delivered many products having state-of-the-art features over the years. One of them is the Leaf Filter, which has recently been manufactured for alkyd resin filtration. “Asian Paints wanted to automate its filtration process and reduce time spent on maintenance. So we replaced one of the filters with Leaf Filter, which was customized as per the plant’s needs,” he elaborated.

The project was such a huge success that the company replaced all its filters in plants across the country. At present, Sharplex is designing another filter for Asian Paint’s upcoming plant in Maharashtra. On the other hand, the company has also received an order to develop brine filtration application in caustic soda plant.

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