Updating Technology — Key to Success in Filtration Technologies

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Sharplex has also its own CAD/CAM center in order to serve its clients better. The center helps them to create 3D models of the equipment beforehand. “If we outsource the CAD/CAM project, it takes more time. Moreover, the outsourced workforce does not know about our products and its applications, criticality and hence we prefer to have a CAD/CAM center internally. This helps us to do the job better and faster,” stated Khadke.

Innovation and Better Services for Filter Products

Offering products with advanced technology is also as important as offering better customer service. The enterprise has to keep abreast with time and offer new generation solutions. The latest trend of automation has hit the process industry and hence, the industry’s focus has shifted towards automated filters that may enhance the production.


To meet these industry demands, Sharplex has designed a unique filter, which brings ease in complex operations. Its Pulsejet Candle Filter is a technologically strong process filtration equipment due to its flexibility in simplicity. The notable feature of this filter is it incorporates neither bearings nor any moving parts. As a result, it is easy to maintain. Additionally, the filter is capable of working with a variety of filter media of different micron sizes. While explaining features of this filter Khadke mentioned, “Candle filter can be manufactured for variety of construction materials like Hastelloy, Monel, PP, PVDF, etc. Besides construction materials, the filter also finds its application in sectors like chemical, pharma, edible oil, caustic-chlorine, mining etc.”

Self cleaning Filters offer Significant Advantages

The main advantage of this filter is self cleaning. The equipment need not to be opened at any stage to dislodge the cake. Also, it can completely be automated to operate from the control room.

Apart from chemical, some of the other industries that the Sharplex Filters caters to are pharmaceutical, edible oil, fertilizers, mining, water treatment etc. In fact, most of the orders that the company delivers come from the edible oil sector across the world. “Half of the filters that we design and develop are made for edible oil facilities. Rest of the orders are segregated in various other segments,” informed Khadke.