Opening Ceremony Ube Industries to Launch New Butadiene Rubber Plant in Malaysia

| Editor: Dr. Jörg Kempf

Ube Industries had recently held a ceremony to commemorate the launch of Lotte Ube Synthetic Rubber, a joint venture for the manufacturing of butadiene rubber (BR) based in the Tanjung Langsat industrial park in Johor, Malaysia.

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Michio Takeshita, Chairman of Ube Industries made a speech.
Michio Takeshita, Chairman of Ube Industries made a speech.
(Picture: Ube Industries)

Tokyo/Japan – Michio Takeshita, Chairman of Ube Industries, and Shin Dong Bin, Chairman of the Lotte Group, spoke to the crowd on behalf of the shareholders, with The Honourable Dato' Khaled Nordin, Chief Minister of Johor state, also addressing the crowd.


Lotte Ube Synthetic Rubber has a BR production capacity of 50 kilotonnes per year, becoming the fourth BR production facility of the UBE Group. With facilities in Japan (126 kilotonnes), Thailand (72 kilotonnes), China (72 kilotonnes) and now Mayasia, the Ube Industries Group has a combined annual BR production capacity of 320 kilotonnes.

The main applications for BR are for use in tires, high impact polystyrene (HIPS), and shoe soles. Demand for BR is forecasted to grow significantly, centering on the Asian market, which is the biggest market for BR. Lotte Ube Synthetic Rubber plans to monitor trends in demand and eventually increase its production capacity by an additional 22 kilotonnes annually.

Ube Industries will seek to best leverage the capacity from four global plants, to further strengthen its presence in the growing Asian market.