Paint Sludge recycling

Turning Paint Sludges into Valueable Products

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The technology, which Maharani Paints uses, has been supported by the Ministry of Environment & Forests in collaboration with National Productivity Council, by sponsoring a project. The company has also received some other awards for this process, to name a few: ‘Innovation for India Awards 2008’ from Marico Innovation Foundation, ‘Corp-Excel Awards (National MSME Excellence Awards) 2008’ by Corp Bank, ‘Innovation of the Year Award,’ by Faridabad Chamber of Commerce & Industries, ‘Innovation Award on Green Technology’ by Manufacturers Association, Faridabad and ‘Parivartan 2011 Award’ from Carbon Outlook.

Future Expectations and Steps – Paint Sludge Incineration Soon Thing of the Past?

Maharani Paints is hopeful that incineration and co-incineration will be banned generators will come forward to get their ‘paint sludge’ recycled. The company is now conducting R&D on the alternative usage of ‘paint sludge’ to accommodate the bigger volumes of ‘paint sludge’ being generated by the passenger car industry – who practically use no solvent base primers, for finishing their product.


For them, Maharani Paints have developed a process of blending the ‘paint sludge’ with the road construction bitumen that will improve the water resistance of the bituminised road, and hence will increase the life of the bituminous road and will keep them free from potholes. Recycling the ‘paint sludge’ is also an economically viable proposal as it saves the cost of incinerating for the industries disposing it off by incineration.

They will also save the cost of disposal for the remnant ash, which is also a hazardous waste and needs to be disposed off at TSDF site.

* Author AS Vishnoi is the GM - Technical at Maharani Paints.

* Author Sunil Lal is an independent Management Consultant.