Paint Sludge recycling

Turning Paint Sludges into Valueable Products

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Related Companies

First Punjab Tractors and then Hero Honda Motors came forward to go for recycling of their ‘paint sludge,’ and Maharani Paints worked on their ‘paint sludge’ in their R&D Lab., and developed the primers for tractor parts of Swaraj and motorcycle parts for Hero Honda’s motors bikes.

As on date, they are recycling ‘paint sludge’ and supplying the ‘recycled industrial primers,’ conforming to the specifications of the consumers, to Hero Motor Corp. (formerly known as Hero Honda), Tata Motors (Pune, Jamshedpur and Pant Nagar), Mahindra & Mahindra (Mumbai) and some of their ancillaries.


Paint Sludge Treatment in India – Burning Instead of recycling?

As far as ‘paint sludge’ generation is concerned – every year India alone generates about 65,000 K.Ltrs. of industrial ‘paint sludge,’ out of which about 40,000 K.Ltrs. is generated by the organised sector that can be collected for recycling.

Unfortunately, the Govt. of India has allowed to incinerate and co-incinerate the ‘paint sludge’ by industrial incinerators and in cement kilns respectively. Therefore, it is difficult to get the ‘paint sludge’ from the industry, because everybody wants to follow an easier route without any consideration that whether it is in the interest of the nation or not.

An Eco–Friendly Process

Incineration and co-incineration – both are non- eco-friendly processes, and are having some or the other pollutant generation either by way of emission or as residual wastes. This technology is completely environmental friendly....