Low-Carbon Fuels Topsoe to Support Renewable Fuels Production at Latin America’s Largest Plant

Source: Press release Haldor Topsoe

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SGP Bioenergy has plans to establish Latin America’s largest renewable fuels plant in Panama. For this project, the company has selected Topsoe to support the production of low-carbon fuels. Once complete, the biorefinery is expected to produce 180,000 barrels per day of sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel, and 405,000 metric tonnes of green hydrogen annually.

Construction is on schedule for first production by 2025.
Construction is on schedule for first production by 2025.
(Source: Haldor Topsoe)

Lyngby/Denmark – Topsoe has been appointed by SGP Bioenergy to support the production of renewable fuels in South America’s largest upcoming renewable fuels plant, located in Panama. Topsoe will provide its innovative Hydroflex technology to produce SAF and RD, while also deploying its H2bridge technology to ensure the plant has a net-zero greenhouse gas footprint, recycling green hydrogen generated by waste carbon and production by-product back into the plant’s operations.

Henrik Rasmussen, Managing Director, The Americas, Topsoe, said: “We are excited to support the production of low-carbon fuels with our proven technologies for what will be the largest renewable fuels plant in South America, while also facilitating the net-zero operations of the biorefinery. It is a true model for a low-carbon energy future.”

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Construction is on schedule for first production by 2025. The biorefinery will have a producing capacity of 180,000 barrels per day (2.6 billion gallons per year) of biofuel and 405,000 metric tons of green hydrogen annually once fully operational. Panama offers great potential as a platform to transport the sustainable fuels globally.

Randy Delbert Letang, CEO of SGP Bioenergy, said: “This facility is truly a model of the future of the energy transition. We will not only produce the fuel that will decarbonize transportation but do so in a way that is also decarbonizing the manufacturing process itself. It is the first time both advanced biofuels and green hydrogen will be produced together at this scale, and we are excited to be bringing this innovation to Panama.”


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