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Screw Pumps/Tank Storage To the Last Drop – How Pumps Can Become Efficiency–Enablers for Tank Farms

Editor: Dominik Stephan |

How screw pumps strip out even highly viscous media – When emptying an oil or fuel tank (a process refferd to as stripping), quite often residual product of the highly viscous media is left behind. But does it have to be that way? Pumps with excellent intake at low NPSHr values can in fact completely empty tanks – even of crude oil and bitumen. And one technology in particular outperforms the rest...

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Storage tanks are difficult to empty or “strip” of highly viscous media.
Storage tanks are difficult to empty or “strip” of highly viscous media.
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Tanks are ideal for storing media that is volatile, potentially hazardous or has to be protected against contamination. They are therefore commonly used for mineral oils and oil products from diesel and petrol to polyols, as well for plant-based products such as palm oil. All these materials cause problems when it comes to emptying tanks, such as when medium is pumped to the next step in the production chain.

This may be because of comparatively high viscosity or a low vapour pressure. If you use conventional centrifugal pumps, the poor intake often leaves behind residual product that then cannot be used – a significant cost factor with diesel prices of around €1,000 per m³.