Strategic Partnership Agreement Thyssenkrupp Nucera to Supply Electrolyzers to Air Products’ Green Hydrogen Facility in US

Source: Press release

Under the terms of the contract, thyssenkrupp nucera will deliver two of its large-scale alkaline water electrolysis standard modules to Air Products’ 10 metric ton per day green hydrogen facility in Arizona, USA.

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Electrolysis assembly by thyssenkrupp nucera.
Electrolysis assembly by thyssenkrupp nucera.
(Source: Thyssenkrupp)

Essen/Germany – Air Products has awarded thyssenkrupp nucera the supply of their alkaline water electrolysis technology for a 10 metric ton per day facility to produce green liquid hydrogen in Casa Grande, Arizona. Under this contract, thyssenkrupp nucera will deliver two of their large-scale alkaline water electrolysis standard modules. Project activities have been initiated, and the facility is expected to be on-stream in 2023. The gaseous hydrogen will be converted to liquid hydrogen using Air Products’ proprietary technology. The production site will also include a terminal for Air Products to distribute the product for the mobility market in California and other locations in the US.

Denis Krude, Chief Executive Officer at thyssenkrupp nucera, underlines the importance of this project: “This second joint project with our Strategic Partner Air Products signed within the last few months shows that the needed fast implementation of sector coupling needs sustainable, long-term partnerships and a new understanding of how to co-develop business cases and projects together. The combination of our reliable engineering and best-in-class technology with Air Products’ speed, strategic investment and build-own-operate model, will be the differentiator on this new hydrogen market – which we create now.”

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“The United States will be an important frontrunner for showcasing the direct link between green hydrogen production and demand centers, creating a strong self-sustaining domestic hydrogen market. Arizona offers the perfect conditions for low-price renewable energy whereas California has set the right regulations to massively decarbonize their transportation sector”, says Dr. Christoph Noeres, Head of Green Hydrogen at thyssenkrupp nucera. “Heavy duty transportation is a feasible and cost-efficient business case for green hydrogen application already today if the renewable power prices are low.”

Through several regulations California has taken steps to aggressively decarbonize its transportation sector, the largest emissions sector in its economy, through conversion to zero emission vehicles. The state has also set a goal that all drayage trucks be zero emissions by 2035 and heavy-duty vehicles convert to zero emissions vehicles by 2045. Hydrogen is an essential part of decarbonizing the transportation sector. Hydrogen fuel cells are gaining momentum as the technology of choice compared to batteries in heavy-duty applications due to faster refuel times, longer range, and larger payloads, while also performing better in extreme climate conditions. Hydrogen as a transportation fuel most closely mirrors the traditional transportation fueling experience.

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