Tableting The Launch of a New Tableting Platform

Editor: Gabriele Ilg

At the fair, ACG Worldwide has launched its new tableting platform, Protab 300. The first of many on this platform, the Protab 300 will redefine tablet production in small and medium batches, says the company.

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Chairman Ajit Singh (left) and senior advisor Axel Friedmann (right) next to the new Protab 300
Chairman Ajit Singh (left) and senior advisor Axel Friedmann (right) next to the new Protab 300
(Picture: Thakur)

With new features, like the innovative paddle-feeder design and the instAmend philosophy, the Protab 300 ensures minimal product loss and instant detection of faulty punches during operation.

Thanks to 360-deg accessibility, the Protab 300 offers easy access to all important areas for reduced cleaning times. In addition to the lightweight assemblies and peripherals (each requiring less than a minute to remove), the Protab 300 offers a mechanical changeover in 30 minutes, thereby ensuring higher uptime and more machine availability. Protab 300 is developed as a versatile platform that scales up or down effortlessly.

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Shankar Gupta, CEO, ACG-Pam (part of ACG Worldwide) says, “Pharmaceutical production is governed by concern for human safety and high production efficiency. It is after carefully understanding these requirements of our customers that we thought of reinventing tableting technology with Protab.

A complete game changer, the Protab 300 scores in all departments — ergonomic space, economical design, quick and easy operation, greater reliability, consistent quality of production, simple yet thorough cleaning, and great regulatory compliance. ond