France: Onshore Expansion Technip Acquires Hummingbird Ethanol to Ethylene Technology

Editor: Alexander Stark

Technip announced the acquisition of Hummingbird ethanol to ethylene technology from BP Chemicals.

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Paris/France – Utilizing a proprietary catalyst operating under mild operating conditions, this technology converts ethanol to ethylene through dehydration. Technip claims that this technology operated at lower costs and was simpler compared to first generation technologies.

The process uses a wide range of ethanol feedstocks and can easily be integrated into existing ethylene facilities. Stan Knez, President, Technip Stone & Webster Process Technology, stated: “This acquisition progresses Technip’s onshore strategy to add process technologies that differentiate us and bring value to our customers. Hummingbird allows us to offer customers an alternative method to produce sustainable products from bio-based materials while expanding our technology positions in ethylene-derived chemicals and plastics such as PE, EB/SM and PET.”

Technip offers Hummingbird for licensing from their company center in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.

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