Switzerland/Brazil: $ 240 Investment in Crop Protection Syngenta to Expand Production in Europe and Brazil

Editor: Alexander Stark

Syngenta has announced the completion of capacity expansion projects at key sites in Brazil and Switzerland.

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(Source: Syngenta)

Basel/Switzerland — The company has invested a combined total of $ 240 million in two plants in Brazil and in expanding its manufacturing facility for S-Metolachlor in Kaisten, Switzerland. The plant in Paulínia, where the company produces its active ingredient Elatus, is the first in Latin America to make use of Pepite technology, which results in water-soluble granules. According to the company, Elatus sales in Latin America exceeded $ 400 million in 2015. At the second plant in Formosa, the installations at Syngenta’s corn seed plant have been quadrupled. The site will raise its production capacity from 400,000 to 1.6 million bags of corn per year, Syngenta announced.

The investment in Kaisten, Switzerland, has enabled significant production capacity expansion for S-Metolachlor, a herbicide used in many brands.

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