Process Analytics Start-up Presents New Ultrasound-Technology for Process-Probes

Editor: Wolfgang Ernhofer

The soniccatch, an add-on for various process-sensors, is used to catch small particles in industrial liquids and present the resulting agglomerates to the process-probes. The Viennese start-up use-PAT has developed the technology.

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Viennese start-up use-PAT presents new ultrasound-technology for process-probes.
Viennese start-up use-PAT presents new ultrasound-technology for process-probes.
(Bild: Soniccatch)

Thereby, the accuracy of measurements directly within the process is improved or measurements are enabled in the first place. New possibilities for process optimization in various industrial areas arouse due to the generated enhanced data. Application fields include bio-tech, pharma, petrochemical and chemical production as well as research institutions.

The study of live cells is possible without interrupting the process-workflow due to measurements. A time- and resource consuming sample-taking is no longer necessary.

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In reverse, the technology in the application sonicwipe can prevent particles from settling on the probe. The sensitive probe-windows can be kept clean and the sensors do not have to be removed from the process for cleaning, enabling a continuous process flow.

Find more information on the website.

You can find a webinar about soniccatch here: soniccatch by Use-PAT

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