China: Methanolysis Catalyst Removal Technology Start-Up of PTMEG-Line

Editor: Alexander Stark

Invista Performance Technologies and Xinjiang Blue Ridge Tunhe Chemical Industry announced the start-up of a PTMEG line with a capacitiy of 46,000 ts per year.

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The PTMEG line of Xinjiang Blue Ridge Tunhe Chemical Industry incorporates Invista's technology.
The PTMEG line of Xinjiang Blue Ridge Tunhe Chemical Industry incorporates Invista's technology.
(Picture: Invista)

Shanghai/China – Tunhe’s PTMEG line incorporates Invista’s latest methanolysis catalyst removal technology. Tunhe already operates a 100,000-ts per annum butanediol (BDO) line utilizing Invista’s proprietary BDO technology with Butanol Recovery. The company focuses on the development and manufacturing of new chemical material, energy saving and environmental friendly building material.

Mr. Li Peng, chairman of Tunhe, commented, “The successful start-up of Tunhe’s PTMEG line demonstrated the advancement of Invista’s THF/PTMEG technology. Congratulations to both teams on the achievement of on-spec product. We look forward to extending the successful cooperation on a more long-term prospect involving expansion of our BDO asset as well as our polyester assets and backward integration into PTA.”

Mike Pickens, IPT president, commented, “Over the past several years, we have been working with Tunhe to execute their capital investments in BDO and PTMEG. This successful start-up is another milestone in our evolving relationship and something both teams should be proud of. I have developed a deep respect for Chairman Li Peng and his team and I am grateful for the trust they have shown in us. I look forward to competing for future licensing opportunities and expanding our relationship as Tunhe pursues its vision for growth in the Xinjiang region.”

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