Egypt: Gas Price Causes Declining Profitability Solvay Suspends Soda Ash Production in Egypt

Editor: Alexander Stark

Solvay suspends until further notice the production of soda ash at its plant in Alexandria, Egypt, as sharply higher energy costs have undermined the plant's profitability.

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Solvay's soda ash is used in different industrial processes.
Solvay's soda ash is used in different industrial processes.
(Picture: Solvay)

Alexandria/Egypt – Production of quicklime will continue at the Alexandria site, with good prospects in the region including in construction. Quicklime, also known as calcium oxide, is used in steel, pulp and paper and gold mining.

The soda ash plant's profitability has been declining since 2014 when a gas price increase of 2.5 times outweighed Solvay's continuous efforts to improve production performance through lower energy consumption and increased operational efficiency. Customers will be served from Solvay's other soda ash plants.

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