Belgium: Speciality Chemicals Solvay Appoints New Business Unit Presidents

Editor: Alexander Stark

Solvay has appointed Rodrigo Elizondo as President of Special Chem Global Business Unit, and Michael Finelli as President of the GBU Speciality Polymers.

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Solvay headquarters in Brussles
Solvay headquarters in Brussles
(Source: Solvay)

Brussels/Belgium — Rodrigo Elizondo, previously Commercial Director for Special Chem, has over 26 years with the Group having held commercial leadership and business management roles in North America, Europe and Asia at various business lines at Special Chem. Rodrigo holds a Chemical Engineering degree from the Monterrey Institute of Technology, Mexico.

Michael Finelli has been with Solvay for more than 25 years. As Business Director for Specialty Polymers for the past two years, he was responsible for the GBU's business line and development as well as marketing activities. He has had commercial leadership and business management roles in North America and Europe. Mike holds a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and Marketing from Albright College and an MBA from Rutgers University, both in the United States.

Michael Finelli will relocate to Bollate, Italy, from the United States. Rodrigo Elizondo will remain based in Seoul, South Korea.

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