Spain: Integrated Hub Concept Siemens Energy, Messer Group to Jointly Develop Green Hydrogen Projects

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Siemens Energy and Messer Group have collaborated to work on industrial green hydrogen projects in the chemical complex of Tarragona, Spain. Messer Ibérica has already delivered three clean hydrogen projects with a total electrolyzer capacity of 70 MW to the Spanish Government.

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Aerial photo of the Tarragona Chemical Park in Spain.
Aerial photo of the Tarragona Chemical Park in Spain.
(Source: Siemens Energy)

Munich/Germany – Siemens Energy and Messer Group have entered into a cooperation agreement with the goal to work on green hydrogen projects in the 5 – 50 MW range for industrial and mobility applications. Within the framework of this agreement, Messer Ibérica has already submitted three clean hydrogen projects in the chemical complex of Tarragona to the Spanish Government. These projects will have a total electrolyzer capacity of 70 MW.

The intention of the partners is to achieve the most economic operation possible, by maximizing cost efficiency and the utilization of all co-products in an integrated hub concept. In the Tarragona chemical park, Messer Ibérica operates a pipeline network for oxygen where this electrolysis co-product will be used.

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Decarbonization is a top priority of governments worldwide in order to combat climate change. Spain’s ‘Hydrogen Roadmap’ places the country at the forefront of this movement, building on its advantageous geography for the generation of renewable energy. The chemical industry in Tarragona, one of Europe’s largest chemical parks, has identified renewable hydrogen based on electrolysis as an essential solution to replace fossil fuels in its processes.

Stefan Messer, owner and CEO of Messer Group, said: “We are focused on developing technologies that make our customers’ production processes safer, more efficient and eco-friendly, including clean hydrogen applications in industry and in mobility. In Europe, Asia and the Americas, we already operate gas production facilities expertly on-site, optimizing the use of all co-products, allowing customers to concentrate on their core businesses whilst enjoying environmental and commercial benefits. Together with Siemens Energy we will extend these advantages to industrial customers switching to green hydrogen produced by electrolysis.”

Christian Bruch, CEO of Siemens Energy, said: “Green hydrogen will be one important lever to develop sustainable solutions, especially in hard-to-abate sectors of industry and mobility. For us it is important to drive the development of a hydrogen economy in partnerships and I am grateful for the trust of the Messer Group to realize projects jointly.”