Router Security Router with Integrated Switch

Editor: Dominik Stephan

The new FL MGuard by Phoenix Contact is a security router and network switch in one. Two versions of the FL MGuard are available: the RS2005 provides five unmanaged ports, whereas the RS4004 provides four managed ports plus a DMZ port for the mutual securing of multiple networks.

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Security Router with Integrated Switch
Security Router with Integrated Switch
(Picture: Phoenix Contact)

The DMZ port can be used to connect to a third network, which might run a mail server, for example. This server can be accessed both from the secure LAN side as well as the unsecured WAN side. However, access from the WAN side to the LAN side is blocked thanks to a firewall that monitors and regulated all the incoming and outgoing traffic at each transfer point. The DMZ can also be used for remote servicing of a machine or system. The built-in network switches are able to handle local switching of small machines and systems, or they can be connected to larger networks.

Rising cost pressures in the industrial sector are causing manufacturers of heavy-duty industrial routers to increasingly pursue all-in-one product strategies, as these minimize installation effort, installation space, and power consumption. These security routers bring together routing, VPN, firewalls, DMZ, and network switching all within a single housing, which means they are perfectly equipped to meet current demands.