Process Management Academy Safety First! Successful Process Management Academy 2012 in Antwerp

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Safe, secure and sustainable – The ideal production process ticks all these boxes. With rising energy prices and an increasing awareness of environmental and personal safety, this year's Process Management Academy in Antwerp focused on 'Excellence in Safety and Sustainability'. Nearly 120 participants discussed cyber security, process safety, brand protection and energy management.

Roughly 120 participants attended PMA 2012 (Picture: PROCESS)
Roughly 120 participants attended PMA 2012 (Picture: PROCESS)

"It's not about technology - it's about the people!" - That's what Marnix DuClou, Vice President of Siemens' Industry Software, said at this years PMA in Antwerp. You can plan, design and set-up the most sophisticated and elaborate security technology, but in the end it all boils down to wether a company lives up to a culture of safety. Process safety and security was a major issue at the forum in Belgium's 'City of Diamonds': Accidents, natural disasters, sabotage and cyber crime can cause big damages to a firm's production assets, risk live and health of workforce and local residents and cause severe impact on the environment. Major accidents can even, as Dr. Andrew Lichnowski, chairman of the EEMUA , put a company's existence at stake. Good reasons to keep an eye on safety and sustainability: From March 5th to 6th, 120 participants from different process industries discussed in workshops, presentations and forums.

Live On The Internet

While the first day was reserved for exciting workshops on Process Safety and Energy Efficiency (see also "Workshops on Process Safety and Energy Efficiency Kick of PMA 2012"), Tuesday saw presentations of professionals from all sectors of industry and research. 120 participants attended the event live in Antwerp, that was broadcasted live on the internet by Vogel Business Media. Using a chat programme, the web audience was able to participate actively and to interact in the discussions that followed each presentation.

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Are the Low Hanging Fruits Taken?

"Most of the 'low hanging fruits' are already taken", most participants agreed. When it comes to safety, efficiency and sustainability, new ways of thinking are required among the whole production chain, Dr. Herbert Maier of Clariant explained: Engineering and operational design, workforce and management had to work hand in hand to provide a safe and sustainable infrastructure. Since the days of cheap energy are gone, everybody involved in process had to be aware of the consequences of energy consumption.