Singapore/The Netherlands: High-Performance Engineering Thermoplastics Sabic to Increase Global Resin Production

Editor: Alexander Stark

Sabic has announced projects in Asia and the Netherlands designed to increase global capacity for two of its high-performance engineering thermoplastic materials, Ultem and Noryl resins.

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Sabic announces plans to expand capacity for Ultem and Noryl resin production.
Sabic announces plans to expand capacity for Ultem and Noryl resin production.
(Source: Sabic)

Amsterdam/The Netherlands — To increase capacity for Ultem resins, a polyetherimide material, the company plans to expand its existing footprint in Singapore where it currently has compounding operations, pending final government clearance. The planned new production facility in Singapore is expected to go online in the first half of 2021. The company also plans to recommission operations at its Bergen op Zoom PPE resin plant in the Netherlands by the end of 2019 to produce polyphenylene ether (PPE), the base resin for its line of Noryl resins and oligomers.

The decision to recommission the Bergen op Zoom Noryl resins facility provides customers with a second source of PPE resins globally. When operational, the Bergen op Zoom facility is expected to add more than 40 % global capacity over a 2017 baseline.

Ernesto Occhiello, Executive Vice President, Specialties, Sabic said that global demand for both product lines has increased, and that the manufacturer was going to continue focussing efforts to deliver the right capacity, in the right global locations, at the right time to support their customers’ needs.

Ultem resins are currently produced in two locations, Mt. Vernon, Indiana, and Cartagena, Spain. The planned operations in Singapore will localize supply for customers in Asia, reducing lead times, especially for shorter qualification cycle applications, the company announced. When fully operational, the Singapore facility is expected to increase capacity by 50 % over a 2018 baseline.

“With the addition of Singapore, Sabic will be the only petrochemical company with the ability to produce the high heat resin in Asia, the Americas and Europe, a significant advantage for the company’s customers,” Occhiello noted.

In the meantime, the manufacturer expects incremental manufacturing process improvements at the Selkirk, New York, and Mt. Vernon plants to provide increases in Noryl (PPE) resin and Ultem (PEI) resin production by the end of 2018. The resulting supply gains will be used to meet growing demand and improve lead times for customers.

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