Polycarbonate Sheets Sabic Increases Global Polycarbonate Sheet Production Capacity

Editor: Dominik Stephan

To increase the availability of its multiwall polycarbonate (PC) sheets (brandname 'Lexan') on the Asian market, Sabic opened a new production line at its factory in Vadodara, India. Sabic announced the opening of the new line at the current Roof India 2012.

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NewsState-of-the-art Lexan* Multiwall Sheet Production Line...
NewsState-of-the-art Lexan* Multiwall Sheet Production Line...
(Picture: Sabic)

Chennai/India – “The new Lexan Thermoclear sheet line showcases how Sabic delivers its broad portfolio to virtually all regions of the world,” said Sanjiv Vasudeva, South Asia Sheet and Film Business leader, Innovative Plastics. “The high performance, aesthetics and design freedoms provided by Lexan multiwall sheet have been demonstrated around the world in major structures – from stadiums to rail stations.”

High Demand for Polycaronate Sheets in Asia Expected

Sabic expects a great demand for polycarbonate sheets in India and the Greater Asia region, with its fast economical growth: Currently, India’s vibrant economy is achieving 7 to 9 percent growth per year, driven by extensive infrastructure investment and development, especially in the commercial and industrial roofing sectors – A sector that could well become customers of the company's Lexan products.


The capacity expansion puts a special focus on quality assurance processes, including a unique UV-protective coating system as well as cap layer measurement and color measurement systems.

Sabic in Asia: In 2011 Sabic undertook big expansions to its polycarbonate productions in China.