Peristaltic Pump Pumping of Complex Media

Source: Press release Netzsch

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As a specialist for pumping complex media, Netzsch Pumps & Systems offers customised solutions. New at Netzsch is the Periproc peristaltic pump. According to the company, it is insensitive to dry running and pumps aggressive and abrasive media with 70 percent solids content without any problems.

Peripro peristaltic pump
Peripro peristaltic pump
(Source: Netzsch)

As a pump without mechanical seals and valves, it is hardly susceptible to wear, according to a press release. Peristaltic pumps belong to the group of rotating displacement pumps. They have only one wearing part, the hose. The medium to be pumped is forced through the hose by means of external mechanical deformation. The hose is supported on the housing of the pump head and is clamped by rollers. The rollers rotate on a rotor. The rotation causes the pinch-off point to move along the hose, thus propelling the pumped medium. The suction vacuum is generated by the elasticity of the hose material.


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