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PROCESS Presents Awards For Innovation at the Powtech/TechnoPharm Trade Fair

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Microwaves for level measurement

Another successful innovation in the field of level measurement, recognized by the jury with an award in the Instrumentation/Automation category, is the Vegamip 61 microwave barrier developed by Vega. In this case the company has taken a familiar measuring principle and integrated it in an existing system, coming up with a contactless limit switch which has potential uses in the measurement of coal, ore and abrasive stones right through to applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Thanks to the use of antenna systems, media can be measured at temperatures in excess of 1000 °C and the sensors can be fitted in sterile areas.

Products which made the shortlist were the SONO II 3D level scanner developed by Rembe, and the Memograph M CVM40 developed by Endress+Hauser. The SONO II 3D level scanner can measure goods contained in silos and tanks and in open storage facilities for bulk materials. The system is based on ultrasound technology and offers up to 60 more measuring points on the surface of the goods than conventional radar or ultrasonic equipment.

The Memograph M CVM40 is a new measuring transducer for inline photometers and data managers. It is the first product of its kind to combine data logging and information management in one unit and guarantees a high level of data security and FDA-compliant user administration (21 CFR Part 11).

Efficient big bag filling

The Filling and Packaging Technology award went to the Big Bag Revolver developed by Derichs Verfahrenstechnik. The new filling system for big bags is built into the hygiene coating directly between clean room areas and non-classified production areas and is designed to replace conveying and airlock systems. The jury felt that the system met the criteria “robust, user-friendly and new” and that it would reduce production process costs in the long term.

The panel also shortlisted Andocksysteme G. Untch for its high-containment double-flap ASA M sample collection system, which is installed permanently on the process container and enables almost contamination-free extraction of samples within an enclosed system, and Scheurich for its automatic micro-metering weigher for additives which combines the precision of a laboratory balance with a metering screw and is designed for batch processing.

Economical water treatment

Cost-effectiveness was the decisive factor in awarding the prize in the category of Pharmaceutical Technology to Christ Pharma und Life Science for its Osmotron Pro system which produces purified and highly purified water with ergonomic sophistication and energy efficiency. The Osmotron Pro combines the softening, microfiltration, reverse osmosis and demineralization processes. The main differences from its predecessor are the valve blocks instead of single valves and the framework construction with integrated water discharge resulting in less pipework and fewer weld seams.

Collischan has good reason to be pleased with its Multicount tablet counting machine which earned the company a shortlist ranking. Multicount works with three sensors, and so the tablets no longer need to be counted out individually but can be scanned in bulk. Hecht Technologie also made the shortlist on account of its ProClean Expendable Powder Sampling (EPS) system. The EPS has a disposable liner with glove boxes which enables samples to be taken from drums and other containers without risk of cross-contamination.

In conclusion, the awards ceremony once again showed the innovative capacity of the sector and aroused curiosity as to who will carry off the awards in the next round which is due to take place in October 2011.

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