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PROCESS Presents Awards For Innovation at the Powtech/TechnoPharm Trade Fair

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Distillation redefined

In the Plant Engineering and Processing Components category GIG Karasek impressed the jury with its plate molecular evaporator, which combines the principle of the plate falling film evaporator with the process of short-path distillation. The issue of cost-effectiveness was the decisive factor for the first place on the winners’ podium because the new development boasts lower investment and maintenance costs alongside higher throughput rates than conventional methods of distillation. Other products which were shortlisted in this category were the s-Jet system developed by Netzsch-Condux and a suction and delivery hose for typical applications in manufacturing processes made by Cera System Verschleißschutz. The hose has a ceramic lining, making it particularly suitable for hydraulic and pneumatic conveyance of abrasive media under pressure, and it can also be used as a compensator. The new s-Jet dry grinding system uses superheated steam as a gas jet in a fluidized bed jet mill. Conventional dry grinding processes with jet mills use air and their range is therefore limited to microparticle proportions, whereas the steam increases the velocity and allows pulverization in the submicron range.

Vertical screening technology

There is a frequent assumption that the potential for innovation in the Basic Processing Technologies for Powder and Bulk Solids category is exhausted. Proving that there is still capacity for innovation in this field, however, were those shortlisted for the award, namely Ucon and Artech Ultrasonic Systems, and naturally the winner of the award in this category, AZO of Osterburken. AZO has refined its cyclone screening technology, which has been in use for almost 60 years, and has added a vertical grading chamber to its DA range of products which takes advantage of gravity to separate the contents. It thus enhances fractioning and increases output, dispensing with the need for a fine grain funnel, saving on installation height, and making it more likely that the system can be easily integrated into existing plants.

The Gyriso impeller developed by shortlisted award candidate Ucon applies the principle of the rotary screw pump to the discharge of solids and uses the rotating motion to empty containers of bulk solids which do not flow easily or which form lumps. The award-winning feature of the centrifugal screener developed by Artech and Assist Blechtechnik is the ultrasonic support system, which allows smaller and more compact machines.

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