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PROCESS Presents Awards For Innovation at the Powtech/TechnoPharm Trade Fair

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Direct particle analysis

The award for innovation in the category of Particle/Material Analysis and Characterization went to Mettler Toledo for its new probe-based in-situ FBRM C35 measuring system. The system is designed for process monitoring and development, and it enables, as no product has done before, reliable and direct in-process information about the size, number and shape of particles during wet granulation. Another company shortlisted in this category was Rheotec with its Brookfield PFT Powder Flow Tester. The PFT is a ring shear tester for cost-effective, rapid and simple powder flow analysis in accordance with the AST M D6128 standard. Drynetics is a method of analysis developed by GEA Niro which can be used to optimize the parameters for spray drying processes. It comes with a Drying Kinetics Analyzer which acts as a force field containing one single drop of the suspension which is to be dried. As the droplet dries in a small chamber, an infrared thermometer and a CCD camera are recording the relevant parameters.

A flap with style

The fact that innovation sometimes lies in the simplicity of a design is illustrated by the award in the category of Environmental Technology/Safety Technology/Explosion Protection. The explosion pressure relief flap featured in the SK range of products developed by Reitinger Engineering took the top spot on the winners’ podium because it combines the advantages of the familiar rupture disks with those of the reusable flap. The explosion protection flap was designed for silos and can be relied upon to open and provide full relief capability at low pressures and at a reduced pressure of 0.2 bar. Unlike rupture disks, the flap can also be reused immediately after activation and needs no additional suction device.

The developments put forward by Veenstra Maschinefabriek and Norres Schlauchtechnik were shortlisted by the judging panel. Silo vehicles are rendered inert before being loaded with potentially explosive materials. The new O2 detection cone developed by the Dutch company Veenstra Maschinefabriek records the oxygen content in the container. If oxygen gets into the silo through the loading hopper or a flap, then the loading process is brought to an immediate halt. The AS Pur range of hoses has been developed by Norres Schlauchtechnik for areas subject to explosion hazards and meets the requirements set out in TRBS 2153 without using migrating antistatic agents, thus making the new polyurethane hoses suitable for pharmaceutical and food technology applications as well.

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